Backup & Disaster Recovery

Operating without robust data backup protocols and a serious disaster recovery plan is like playing with fire. And if the wind blows the wrong way -- say in the form of a tornado -- everything could go up in flames.

It has been reported that over 40% of businesses that experience some kind of disaster -- natural, or otherwise -- never reopen if they had no emergency plan in place. These aren’t the kind of odds you want to take with your company, so consider what Evolvtec‘s Data Backup program provides:

Cloud Backups

Online data backups are crucial nowadays because they’re super secure and automatic. And Evolvtec handles it all for you.

Redundancy & Scalability

We provide safe, secure off-site backups that scale up according to your needs and verify the integrity of every file that’s saved.

24/7 File Restoration

Retrieving and restoring files is simple, and even recovering all your data after a system failure takes just a few mouse clicks.

Encryption = Protection

256-bit AES encryption technology ensures backed up files are practically impenetrable and remain so until you retrieve them.

An active data backup strategy is critical. It’s like an insurance policy, and you should invest in it seriously because, unlike faulty equipment, lost data is rarely easy to replace -- but it needs to be accompanied by disaster recovery and business continuity planning, too.

Evolvtec’s Backup & Disaster Recovery plans are two-tiered: They take into account your present-day success, but also your long-term survival.

Disaster Recovery

Planning detailed corrective measures ensure that your company comes back strong in the event of a natural, man-made, or IT-oriented disaster.

Business Continuity

Having a systematic strategy for how to keep your business operating after trouble strikes could be the difference between success and failure.

Contact Evolvtec today about our Backup & Disaster Recovery program and begin safeguarding your future!