Technology Security Book Release


EvolvTec CEO Greg Blanc Signs Publishing Deal With TechnologyPress To Co-Author New Book

Greg Blanc, with 30 years working in the technology industry, will team with Robin Robins and several leading cybersecurity experts to release the new book “Easy Prey” by TechnologyPress®.

Fort Lauderdale, FL –April **, 2016 – Greg Blanc, CEO of EvolvTec has joined Robin Robins and a select group of IT experts to co-write the forthcoming book titled, Easy Prey.

Why Luck and I.T. Don’t Mix

What’s Luck have to do with I.T.?

Here’s a little-known fact from Irish lore: Leprechauns didn’t just find the gold at the end of a rainbow—they worked hard for the gold they’re guarding …

According to legend, leprechauns spend their days making and mending shoes, and they only accept gold as payment.

The Benefits to Cloud Computing

Benefits to the Cloud are significant, if it is right for you.

With the introduction of cloud-based office applications like Office 365, Google Apps, and thousands of other SaaS applications, it’s becoming unnecessary for some businesses to purchase and maintain an onsite server.

What’s Your Plan?

We have an amazing opportunity that will save you thousands AND keep your data safe.
Do you currently have the system in place to protect your valuable data? If you think you do, or you’re not sure, then consider the following. There may be problems that you are not fully aware of like:

It doesn’t back up ALL of your data off-site.

Four Steps to Improve Your Online Visibility

We all know that the online marketplace is the fastest-growing marketplace in the world. Achieving success in the 21st-century requires a strong and credible online presence. Even if we’ve stayed abreast of the latest social media, there is always more that we can do.

Four Steps To A Successful New Year’s Resolution

EvolvTec New Year Resolution Blog

Four Steps To A Successful New Year’s Resolution

It’s that time of the year again. New Year’s Resolutions, are carefully being crafted. We’re all making (at least mentally) a list of the ways we’ll “begin anew” in 2016. If you’re like most people, you’ll have business goals – say, acquiring managed print services for your office; personal goals such as bringing more low-cal lunches to work from home, and family goals like getting all your family videos and photos stored on the cloud and moved to DVDs.
Every goal is a good goal, something to work towards.