What Is Cloud Computing (And Why Your Business Needs It Now)

Cloud Computing is probably something you’ve heard of. However, if you’re not a techie, it’s probably something you don’t fully understand. If you’re like 99% of business owners, technology is one of the things that you put on the backburner – you know it’s necessary in today’s economic marketplace, but you’re busy running your company, not worrying about tech support.

5 common IT investment blunders to avoid

Being a business owner, you know more than anyone that making mistakes is natural and that you have to be willing to fail if you want to succeed. You also know you can accomplish more – and more quickly – if you can learn from the mistakes of others before making the same missteps on your own.

Top 10 Strategic Trends for Government Technology

Focus on Digital Government as Global Public Sector Technology Spending Declines in 2015

In a report published by Gartner, they have determined that due the decline of Global Public Sector Technology Spending, we need to focus on Digital Government and the new service models that enable it.

Safeguard your business

Safeguard your business

The manageable side of risk management

Protect your data and prepare for the unexpected

Protect your business data—whether on mobile devices, servers, or in the cloud—and minimize the disruptions caused by unexpected events

Protect and control your data

You don’t have to be a control freak to control your data

When it comes to cybersecurity, ever wish you could just chain your laptop to your desk and call it a day? Fortunately, the best security system for your data doesn’t involve locks or alarms.