Recovery & Disposal

There are state and federal environmental laws governing the disposal of computer equipment. Are you in compliance? When you choose Evolvtec’s Recovery & Disposal services, you’ll have a partner to help you get rid of your old, out-of-service equipment safely and securely.

Our environmentally-friendly solutions for recycling computers, monitors, printers, and other IT materials are suitable for corporations, schools and universities, healthcare providers, and municipalities of any size.






We work quickly to facilitate the most practical, cost-efficient, and secure procedures for disposing of and/or salvaging your retired, idle, or surplus hardware.

We provide an organized, closely-managed, seamlessly-executed program for removing all your equipment, regardless of type or manufacturer.

We create a certified report which details the services we’ve performed and confirms software removal by serial number and according to the machine from which it was removed.

The US Department of Defense recommends certain methods for data destruction to protect against software licensing infringement and loss of sensitive information.

All of our Recovery & Disposal services adhere to HIPAA regulations, satisfy Financial Services Industry requirements, and meet EPA standards. REQUEST A QUOTE today.