Evolvtec’s Virtualization solutions provide a layer of abstraction between the computing you do and the software you’re using to do it.

Translation: Virtualization gives your employees the ability to use powerful productivity applications without having to buy, install, optimize, and manage expensive hardware.

Speedier, More Stable Software

Server Hardware Consolidation

Decreased Electricity Bills

Reduced Downtime Events

Server Virtualization - Separating your operating system and applications from the physical hardware that supports it gives you a more cost-efficient, agile, and simplified server environment.

It’s possible. Thanks to Evolvtec’s Virtualization service which allows you to run multiple operating systems on one single “virtual machine,” and access all of that machine’s underlying computing resources.

Greater utilization of server resources and a 50% drop in IT capital expenditures, guaranteed.

Desktop Virtualization - Desktop virtualization is the process of separating a PC user’s computing experience from the physical computer.

All the programs, applications, data, and processes located in a central data center which can be accessed by the user via the “dumb” terminal or “thin client” located at their desk, or through their laptop or smartphone.

Hardware savings, guaranteed.

Evolvtec’s Virtualization services give you access to any application, anywhere, at any time.

Let us save you money and make your business more efficient with our desktop and server virtualization services. Start Now!