Businesses are switching from traditional PBX phone systems to “over-the-internet” VoIP set-ups because they’re less expensive, easier to install and add users, and they contain far more useful productivity features for your team.

They globalize your locations and mobile workforce with free inter-office calls, provide employees access to their office extension from anywhere, and allow you to set up conference calls and web meetings on the fly, no matter where you are.


Calling over the internet is cheap.


Software-based efficiency.

Enhanced Mobility

Access your system from anywhere.

Ease of Use

Runs on existing IT infrastructure.

VoIP Transforms How You Do Business:

  • Stay Connected: VoIP enables users who work from home, or their hotel room, or a customer’s location to remain linked to your main office phone system so they can always be reached.
  • Unify Your Communications: Phone tag is a thing of the past when you can get all of your messages at one time, in one place, whether they’re from emails, voicemails, faxes, or SMS.
  • Run Apps on your Phone System: Your employees can access your customer database while they’re on the go, and any number of other applications including Email and your CRM software.
  • Connect with Ease: Enjoy the luxury of having to dial a simple three-digit extension whenever you need to reach a customer or colleague who’s across the hall, across campus, or across the world.
  • Significantly Reduce Costs: Your LD charges dwindle, you pay only for the number of lines you actually use, your hardware bill gets slashed, and you can bundle VoIP services with your Internet service and negotiate more favorable rates.

VoIP is the hottest trend in telephony for SMBs, so if you think your business would benefit, get in touch today - (800) 486-1571.