Why Choose Evolvtec?

Evolvtec is a Florida corporation, and has been for over 40 years. We have 3 network operation centers (NOC) located in Florida which are constantly monitoring client networks and infrastructure and proactively resolving the majority of issues within minutes. In the case that onsite service is required we have 8 locations in the State of Florida and can be anywhere in the state within 2 hours.

What sets Evolvtec apart from the others is our people. Our technical pros have an average of 19 years’ experience. Evolvtec solutions help empower small and midsize health organizations by making technology a driver of responsive, coordinated, and innovative care. Choose your own path to a modern, electronic and highly efficient practice. With flexible and trusted solutions to help you address the needs of your patients - whether improving health outcomes, increasing access to services or forging deeper connections between your organization and the communities you serve.

We also require our engineers to go through the highest level (FBI) security clearance for compliance and certification. With specialized training and dozens of OEM relationships, our technicians and engineers are able to empower your organization with technology and deliver it with legendary customer service.

A recent McKinsey report* predicts that the healthcare industry is readying for a significant wave of IT adoption, and suggests that now is the time for health organizations to invest in technology-based solutions and strategies. By doing so, you will be positioned to operate with greater efficiency and meet growing demand for digital patient services. But how do you get there?

This is where Evolvtec and our ecosystem of partners offer something different – a unique approach for making the benefits of modern technology a reality for today’s health professionals.

Turn your complex IT infrastructure into an agile, flexible, and trusted platform that spans the entire IT ecosystem, from server to cloud and desktop to mobile devices. And leverage solutions designed to address today’s healthcare concerns - improved access to high-quality care at lower costs, across four key pillars:

  • Be more efficient – Gain efficiency to deliver quality service, while staying in budget.
  • Treat your patients - Anytime, anywhere . Get the benefits of productive, collaborative care teams that can work together, wherever they are.
  • Safeguard patient privacy – Keep Protected Health Information (PHI) safe and backed up, so you know your patient records and sensitive data will be safe.
  • Connect with your communities – Offer regular two-way communication and use of social media to understand the big issues and trends affecting population health.

*The McKinsey Digital Patient Survey, 2014