Backup Disaster Recovery and Cloud Migration

One of the surest ways for you to protect your company’s precious data is to migrate to the cloud

Florida’s small-business community and its state and local government agencies reap huge rewards by moving their servers and software offsite, to the cloud. In addition to faster network speeds, a fully-managed cyber-security apparatus, and 24/7 technical support, cloud migration allows for comprehensive care of your data.

Why is it so important for organizations to have reliable, redundant, offsite data backups and robust data recovery plans? Because you just never know when a disaster like a storm, flood, fire, or break-in will damage your office space and the equipment inside -- which of course includes your servers and data storage devices.

Unless they’re located in the cloud! And Evolvtec understands the advantages of offsite servers and data -- and how to make them a reality, expertly and affordably. Our comprehensive care for your data will include:

24/7 Security

Data will be constantly monitored and always available

Built-in Redundancy

All your files are stored safely in two separate places

Simple Scalability

Cloud-based data backups can easily accommodate growth

Fast Recoveries

Get back online quick if disaster ever strikes your company

Cloud-based data backups and clear-cut disaster recovery plans are like an insurance policy. They’re investments that you hope don’t actually come into play, but if they ever do, you know you’ll be covered. This provides peace of mind and allows you to focus on driving your business, not fretting over IT issues.

Contact Evolvtec today about our Backup & Disaster Recovery program and how a Cloud Migration might be the first step in securing your organization’s long-term future.