Your Fully Outsourced Solution

Use technology to serve your patients more effectively,
while saving costs

Technology should be an asset - Evolvtec is the team that helps you anticipate, manage, and respond quickly to changes in today’s ever changing regulatory landscape.

Technology should provide the flexibility to adapt quickly to changing population health needs, whether by expanding the infrastructure that powers your medical equipment, or by adding the devices and apps that help your health professionals in the field do their best work.

  • Get more from your servers, PCs, and mobile devices - Reduce server hardware costs and power bills by running more applications on the same server using virtualization.
  • Accomplish more for less - Get the IT resources you need, but pay only for what you use. Health organizations can reduce the need to build out and manage data centers, and your IT department can consolidate budget and facilities thanks to hardware efficiencies.
  • Make mobile access easier and cheaper to manage - Help remote care professionals extend care into the community—at any time, in any place, and with a choice of devices—without high IT management cost.
  • Speed up your apps without buying new hardware - Whether for patient admission, Electronic Health Record (EHR) data entry, or patient discharge, you can minimize disruptions by making your apps run faster on your existing server hardware.
  • Store your growing data without spending a fortune - Get the flexible data storage you need without investing in expensive solutions. Move your largest data files—including medical images, surveillance videos and call center recordings—to the cloud with EvolvTec DataCave, and easily allocate storage to users on a “just-enough and just-in-time” basis.