Your Rx for IT Solutions

Fully supporting your network. Allowing you to increase efficiency, lower cost and focus on patient satisfaction.

Evolvtec Healthcare is committed to helping your organization realize technology success and provide additional resources as necessary to meet future IT demands.

The healthcare industry is quickly moving toward electronic based medical records, communications, and patient information. Many medical professionals have taken advantage of some of the government subsidies available, however many have not yet taken advantage of these opportunities. The move to digital makes more sense now than ever: it gives you access to these lucrative incentives.

Evolvtec is a Healthcare IT Managed Service Provider

Our IT Service offers 24/7/365 remote monitoring, which allows us to stop problems before they even start. We save you time and money and give you the ability to focus on what’s most important, your patients.

We ensure your firm meets and exceeds HIPAA requirements and HITECH regulations. As a Managed Service Provider our main objective is to monitor and maintain your core network infrastructure.

We understand the unique technological challenges that healthcare professionals are faced with. We can simplify those challenges for you. By applying our program of continuous monitoring, we will be able to reduce the likelihood and frequency of network failures and issues, thus saving you money (and time) in unforeseen downtime. The monitoring solution we put in place assures we have all the information we need to safeguard you at all times and deal with any condition of the network infrastructure in real-time.

With this we will be in a position to proactively service and solve issues with great speed, so that each issue is handled before you even need to know about it. By combining these two activities (monitoring and maintaining), we can reduce the overall cost of your network while creating a more stable and optimized network environment. This will be combined with regularly scheduled Network Health Reviews to determine what future steps can be taken to constantly optimize the efficiency of your practice.

  • Dramatic reduction in number of emergency incidents – Would you rather fix a problem or avoid having a problem? That is what Managed Services does for you.
  • Cost savings – Monitoring your network will allow us to determine quickly the root cause of any network issue, thereby reducing the timely task of issue diagnosis from hours to minutes, resulting in substantial cost savings to you. At the same time, the routine maintenance performed will help to remove a substantial amount of issues experienced.
  • Higher Levels of Employee Productivity – Managed Services allows you to focus on your patients and not on IT problems. We respond before you even know you have a problem.
  • Outsourced IT Support to Experts – A staff of experienced, highly skilled resources will be “watching” your network 24/7/365 and dealing with network issues as they arise.
  • Accountability – We provide feedback to you on each incident, and will not leave a project before getting you to sign off on the resolution of the issue as well as gaining your satisfaction rating. If we fail to meet the Service Level Agreement (SLA) we will offer you the monthly fee back for that particular service.